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Here are some examples of  buildings. 
The Benefits of Metal Buildings

As the name implies, there are many significant metal elements in every system, and the structural steel frame is vital. The steel members of a metal building are engineered specifically for each building and then shipped to the construction site. This offers each building owner customization, which saves money because there are no wasted materials. Metal building systems provide a quick construction period and the capability to erect a building year-round. This can happen because a metal building is fabricated in a plant for a bolt-type construction at the site. Therefore, weather doesn't affect the construction process. 

Building owners also should note that a metal building can be erected one-third faster than conventional. That aids in saving money with less contractor payroll and other related expenses.

The structural steel frame is what bears the load in most metal buildings. Therefore, the options for exterior finishes can be brick, glass, masonry, EIFS, insulated steel wall panels or other materials.